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Albright Student Email Account Activation

Your Albright Email Address

Albright email addresses typically follow the format "firstname.lastname001@albright.edu".  This may differ if you have a name in common with another student, or if you have a longer name.  You will receive your Albright student email address in an email from the Admission Office within two weeks of receiving a confirmation of your enrollment deposit.


Your name is John D. Smith, your Albright email address and username will likely be:

Your name is: John D. Smith
Your email address: john.smith001@albright.edu
Your username: john.smith001


To successfully activate your Albright Student Email account you will need your Albright LionLink password. If you have not yet activated your LionLink account, please click here first. Unlike most Albright online services, you log on to student email using your full email address, rather than your LionLink UserID.

Activating Your Student Email Account

(Video Walkthrough)

STEP 1: 

Get your Albright student email address

Refer to the email received from the Admissions Office with your account activation information.

If you have not received this email within two weeks of depositing, please contact Client Services at 610.921.7676. You will be asked to verify information including an alternate email address used when applying to the school.

STEP 2: 

Log in to Albright webmail

Go to Office 365 and log in  using your Albright student email address and your LionLink password

*You must enter your full email address.

*Passwords are case sensitive.

STEP 3: 

Set your time zone

Eastern time for Reading, PA is listed as GMT -5.

*You may not be prompted to set this information.

(Link to Youtube for Full Screen Video)

Your Albright Student Email account is now active!

Remember that all Albright student online services use either your username or email address and LionLink password.  If you change your LionLink password, it changes for all online services including email.  If you have questions about your password please contact Client Services at (610) 921-7676 or send email to helpdesk@alb.edu.

We, the staff of Albright College Information Technology Services strive to provide timely, seamless information services and technology support to our campus community.  We would love to hear from you at the number or emails to the right if you have comments or suggestions.


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