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Campus Computer Labs

Below is a list of available computer labs on Albright's Reading, PA campus for use by students, faculty, and staff of Albright College.
Building/Room Number Platform # of Machines
Alumni 302 Mac OSX 15
Alumni 304 Windows 12
Alumni 306 Windows 10
Alumni 309 Mac OSX 15
CCM 100D Windows 14
CCM 100F Windows 21
Masters 305 Windows 4
Science 19 Windows 14
Science 151 Windows 12
Science 251 Windows 23
Science 355 Windows 16
Selwyn 207 Windows 15
Teel 216 Windows 18
Teel B24 Mac OSX 16


We, the staff of Albright College Information Technology Services strive to provide timely, seamless information services and technology support to our campus community.  We would love to hear from you at the number or emails to the right if you have comments or suggestions.