Provost and Assessment Committee chair attend Middle States Self Study Institute

November 2014

President announces to campus community the re-accreditation process and appointment of the Self Study co-chairs; presentation given to Board of Trustees on re-accreditation process

January 2015

Steering Committee selected, charged, and announced to campus community

April 2015

Working Group chairs and membership selected and charged, including students and trustees; presentations on re-accreditation process to College Leadership Team and faculty

May 2015

Working groups draft research questions and information sources, finalized by Steering Committee

June 2015

Self Study Design document drafted and shared with campus community for input, including annual Faculty Retreat and presentations to Advancement Division and Alumni Association. Final draft submitted to MSCHE liaison and posted on campus website.

July - August 2015

Host MSCHE liaison visit

September 3, 2015

Submit final Design Document to MSCHE liaison and post to website

October  2015

Working Groups pursue research questions, refine document collection and storage, and prepare draft section reports.

October 2015 – March 2016

Working Groups submit draft reports to Steering Committee; presentation to Student Government Association

April 2016

Evaluation team chair chosen by MSCHE, Dr. Gerard J. Rooney, President of St. John Fisher College (Rochester)

June 2016

Initial Self Study draft completed, reviewed by Steering Committee

July 2016

Self Study draft revised and reviewed by president and trustees and discussed at Faculty Retreat, College Leadership Team, Student Government Association, and in open town hall forums

August – September 2016

Self Study draft submitted to MSCHE evaluation team chair

September 2016

MSCHE evaluation team chair visit

October 25, 2016

Self Study revised and documents finalized

November - December 2016

Final Self Study approved by Steering Committee and president, shared with campus, and submitted to MSCHE

January - February 2017

MSCHE evaluation team visit

April 2-5, 2017

Campus receives evaluation team report and submits institutional response

April-May 2017

MSCHE announces action

June 22, 2017