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4/23/2014 From Cosmopolitan
Hey men, women hate your flirting voice
4/23/2014 From French Tribune
Low, Breathy Voice May Sound Sexy when Women do it, not Men: Study
4/22/2014 From Time magazine 
What Happens When Men Try to Sound Sexy
4/22/2014 From the New York Post
Weird but True
4/22/2014 From Jezebel
Women Think Men Sound Like Iditos When They Put on Flirty Voices
4/21/2014 From Glamour magazine 
Men are bad at sounding sexy
4/21/2014 From The Daily Buzz (TV show)
Guys Can't Rock "The Sexy Voice"
4/21/2014 From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Access Atlanta
Sorry, guys, only women can make their voices sound sexier
4/20/2014 From Fox (
Men can't make their voice more sexy
4/17/2014 From The Daily Mail (UK)
Want to sound sexy? Sorry guys, it's impossible
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