The Presidential Inauguration Committee

Kathleen J. Grant, M.D. ’72, Trustee
Julia Matthews, Ph.D., Faculty

Chief of Staff
Rashmi Radhakrishnan, CIO

Kathy Cafoncelli ’99, Executive Assistant to the President
Karen Campbell, Chair of the Faculty
Paul Clark ’73, Chaplain
Tiffany Clayton ’98, Director of Student Involvement & Leadership
Tom Durso, Associate Vice President, College Relations & Marketing
Jacquelyn S. Fetrow ’82, President, Albright College
Lana J. Haufler ’17, Executive Secretary, President’s Office
Tracy Gray Hayes ’93, Associate Director, ADP
Mike Gross ’11, Director, Office of Public Safety
Jeff Lentz ’85, Senior Artist-in-Residence
Brenda Ingram-Wallace, Associate Professor of Psychology, Director of Counseling
June Maier ’75, alumna and former trustee
Tiff Archie ’92, alumna and current trustee
Mike Miller, Catering Manager, Food Services
Karen Moran, Director of Alumni Relations
Tim Rissel, Director of Facilities
Jordan Winkler, SGA President
ADP Student Representative (tba)
Commuter Student Representative (tba)
Janice Luck, Athletics Representative
Amanda Hanincik, Assistant Dean of Students
Lois Kubinak, Events and Conferences

Inauguration Theme, Charge to the Committee, and Inauguration Goals

Inauguration Theme:

Honoring our heritage…
Living our values…
Forging our future.

Goals of the inauguration and the semester of celebration:

  • To engage and re-engage alums, students, faculty, staff in the pride of being an Albrightian—pride in its past, pride in its values, and the work that we will do to engage the future
  • To communicate and evolve the language that describes the power of an Albright education
  • To begin to collect inspiring stories about the impact of an Albright education and, more broadly, to collect stories as part my Listening and Learning Tour, which will form the foundation for our planning process

Why this theme? 

  • It captures the recognition of the best and worst of our past, the values we hold that don’t change, and the work we will do to engage the future.
  • We spend the semester celebrating what Albright is and does, as well as celebrating Albright, its past, present and future, as well as its students, faculty, staff, and alums
  • It begins to allow the community to tell its stories and evolve the story it has about itself
  • Stories we collect can be used broadly in a print and social media campaign, to engage the community and continue to develop pride in what Albright is and what it does

Charge to the Committee:  The committee is charged to plan and implement an inauguration for the 15th president of Albright College and a semester of celebration of the Albright community, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the Reading and regional community.  This celebration will honor our past, recognize our unchanging values, engage us in considering our future and the work that will be required to create the future we wish to see.

Co-chairs responsibilities (Kathy Grant and Julia Matthews):  The co-chairs are the inauguration team leaders.  They will actively listen to all committee members, work to synthesize what is heard, and lead the meetings so that all are involved and engaged.  They will guide the process and work to ensure that all committee members are engaged and involved and that concerns and challenges are heard and responded to. 

Chief of Staff responsibilities (Rashmi Radhakrishnan):  The chief of staff will manage all details and ensure ALL work gets done by the team.  She will ensure that action item lists and deadlines are created and achieved.  The chief of staff will orchestrate the process and guide the team…a big team.